Zen Conspiracy
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A blend of intricate jungle, downtempo funk, and ambient electronica.

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John Corda a.k.a. Mashed Buddha infuses melodic soul into every groove and jams as if performing with a live band. Armed with a Trigger Finger and an arsenal of keyboards, he forgoes premade loops and generated beats in favor of 25+ years of piano skill, performance, and compositional exploration. Famed guru and bender of spoons Uri Geller threatens to put you into a hypnotic coma on Hype.


My hand-picked samples below:

1) Zen Conspiracy - Jungle turns Latin turns Piano Solo.
(sample is jungle part only)

2) Laz - Trippy downtempo

3) Ego Maniac - Electronic funk with percussion and guitar

4) Comeback - Pure unadulterated Drum n Bass

5) Mystery Dropper - Organic drum n bass n keyboards.

6) Temptation - Damn funky catchy clav electronica.

7) Soul Slap - Trippy existential jungle

8) Hype - Uri Geller waxing hypnotic over a chill groove.

9) Fringe - Rocking electronic fusion

10) Interstitial - Synth groove

11) Tryst - Old school jungle with breezy ambient bridge

12) Arcane Persuasion - Deep, Sleepy, Otherworldly


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