Zen Conspiracy:

"...cerebral and danceable at the same time... You will play it again and again ... one tasty recording....I have to recommend this highly. Buy It Now!"- Wildy's World

"When John Corda steps into his alter ego, Mashed Buddha, magical things begin to happen. Eschewing the derivative nature found in much electronica, Mashed Buddha relies on extensive piano/keyboard skill and an inimitable groove to create a sonic sphere to envelope the listener. There are no tricks here. John Corda has an understanding of musical composition that escapes many of the tech-heads who dabble at their computers in the wee hours of the morning."- Wildy's World

subdue your mind:

"This album is a mixture of downtempo rhythms, electronica melody staples, and jungle beats. John Currier is the mastermind or madman (depending on the way you look at it) behind Mashed Buddha. He set about to craft jungle and drum&bass beats and rhythms as the backdrop to an electrifying ambient and symphonic journey. The result is a compelling and inspiring joint that works its way into your head analyzing your Zen status and applying a bit of a karmic good rub on your soul. Excellent." - J-Sin, Smother.net

"This is more great racing danceable music. What makes it stand out? It isn't gimmicky... If you're like me and come out of retirement and go to a rave about twice a year, this is the album you play when you're driving home, trying to stay awake and watching the sun come up. An instant classic. "
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- Joel Edelman, Agouti Music

"From the swirling, trance-inducing 'Spikes' to the Prince-ly overdrive of 'Edge,' it's clear that this one-man effort ... is as inspired as it is unconventional. " [full article] - Gary Carra, Nightcrawler, Valley Advocate

"A cool eclectic mix of stuff that teases your cortex in some way that I can't really describe... Very freaky spacy electronica." - Aural Innovations

Mashed Buddha chosen as Editor's Choice:
" What do you get when you mix a cup of jagged beats with a spoonful of savory, funk-laden grooves? You guessed it, Mashed Buddha. Influenced by funk, rock, jazz, reggae, and drum 'n' bass, Mashed Buddha's electronic recipes are delectable. This sonic treat is also encrusted with downtempo goodness, which is good news for those into the more minimalist regions of the electronic music spectrum." - Editor, download.com


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